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More Like Space (15 Mar 1993)
Too Pure CD UK pure cd 20
Too Pure 12" UK pure 20
Too Pure 12" UK pure 20 (Ltd green vinyl)
Too Pure 12" UK pure 20 9Promo single sided)
More Like Space
Time To Find Me (Come Inside)
Come Alive
Blue Easy Sleep*
Edited By [Digital] - Matt Nelmes
Engineer - Anthony Brown
Mastered By - Nimbus
* Mixed By [Additional], Engineer [Additional] - Locust
Photography [Sleeve] - Jane Brownhill
Producer, Mixed By - Seefeel
Written-By - Clifford* (tracks: 3, 4), Van Hoen* (tracks: 4), Peacock* (tracks: 2), Seefeel (tracks: 1, 2, 3)
Time to Find Me (30 July 1993)
Too Pure 12" UK PURE 23
Astralwerks 12" US ASW 6124 (1994)
A1 Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)
A2 Time To Find Me (AFX Slow Mix)
B Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
Producer - Aphex Twin (tracks: A1, A2), Seefeel, Sine Bubble (tracks: B)
Written-By - Clifford* (tracks: B), Peacock* (tracks: A1, A2), Seefeel (tracks: A2)
Plainsong EP (1993)
Too Pure 12" UK PURE 25
Astralwerks 12" ASW 6124 (Promo)
A1 7:59 Plainsong
A2 5:34 Moodswing
B 10:37 Minky Starshine
Engineer - Locust
Mixed By, Producer - Mark Clifford (tracks: B), Seefeel
Written-By - Clifford*
White vinyl version also exists with same catalog number: comes in Too Pure white sleeve with sticker with info.
Recorded in London April 1993.
"you'll always be minky to me"
Pure, Impure (28 Jun 1993)
Too Pure CD" UK PURECD25
7:59 Plainsong
5:34 Moodswing
10:37 Minky Starshine
Time To Find Me (AFX Fast Mix)
Time To Find Me (AFX Slow Mix)
Plainsong (Sine Bubble Embossed Dub)
Engineer - Locust (tracks: 1 to 3)
Mastered By - Nimbus
Photography By - Jane Brownhill
Producer - Clifford* (tracks: 3), Seefeel
Written-By - Clifford* (tracks: 1 to 3, 6), Peacock* (tracks: 4, 5), Seefeel (tracks: 4, 5)
Starethrough Ep (18 Apr 1994)
Warp Records UK CD WAP 45CD
Warp Records UK 12" WAP 45
7:46 Starethrough
5:32 Air-Eyes
7:21 Spangle
6:03 Lux1
Design - Designers Republic Dee Are Shekinah, The*
Photography By [Original Photography By] - Jane Brownhill
Producer - Seefeel
Producer, Mixed By, Engineer - Mark Clifford
Written-By - Seymour* (tracks: 2, 3), Fletcher* (tracks: 3), Clifford*, Peacock* (tracks: 1 to 3)
Written on the back side of the back cover underneath the CD tray:
"Charlotte Forever...".
This disc may be afflicted with "CD bronzing" and may become unplayable over time.
Fracture/Tied (29 Sept 1994)
Warp Records UK CD WAP 53CD
Warp Records UK 10" 10WAP 53
5:52 Fracture
6:27 Tied
Artwork - Ers Republic*
Engineer, Mixed By - Mark Clifford
Producer - Seefeel
Written-By - Clifford*, Seefeel (tracks: A)
I-01 (1994)
Not On Label - i-01
Warp Records UK 10" 10WAP 53
7:42 Stare Through (Charlotte's Dub)
:36 Signals (Momentum 1.3)
9:38 Filter Dub (Low Pass)
Remix, Engineer - Mark Clifford
Limited edition (500 copies) white label promo containing exclusive, unreleased material.
Independently distributed at Seefeel gigs while the band were between labels.
The version of 'Starethrough' on this release is slightly different from the version present on the 'Starethrough EP'.
Autechre Remix Of Spangle (28 April 2003)
Polyfusia Records UK CD FUS 002CD
12.15 Spangle (Autechre Remix)
Producer [Original Production] - Seefeel
Remix [Additional Enhancements] - Autechre
Written-By - Clifford*, Peacock*
Faults (20 Sept 2010)
Warp Records UK 10" 10WAP 299
Warp Records UK Digital (320, WAV) WAP 299D
Warp Records UK CDr (Promo only)
4:57 Faults (Clifford*, Peacock*, Ishihara*)
5:01 Crowed (Clifford*, Ishihara*)
4:22 Folds (Clifford*, Peacock*, Ishihara*)
4:40 Clouded (Clifford*, Ishihara*)
Design - Zavoloka
Mastered By - Noel Summerville
Photography - Fenk
Producer - Mark Clifford