Sarah Peacock of Seefeel

In the heady days of the early 90s a wave of intrepid bands made unexpected connections between post punk the electronic reverberations from the early days ot acid house and the some sculptures crafted by classic producers like Phil Spector which coalesced into the genre known as "shoegaze". Concelved by Mark Clrfford and Sarah Peacock, Seefeel emerged as the black sheep of this movement. Seefeel's self titled album released February 1 2011 on the legendary Warp Records demonstrates that they have held true to their commitment to not record a new Seeteel album until they could present something truly new. Seefeel's co-founder, Sarah Peacock shares more about this semrnal band and its influences.

LS: Describe the genesis of Seefeel.

SP: In 1991 Mark found Justin through an advert he'd left on the notice board at Goldsnith's College (people wanted to make beautiful music with) and me through an ad I placed in the NME (people wanted to join or to form band, MBV, SY etc) He rang up and asked if I liked Cocteau Twins as well. I said yes so he sent me a demo they'd made wtth Mark Van Hoen. We met up and started rehearsing. We found Daren through Goldsmiths as well and arrrved at our sound after much experimentation. Mark met E-da when he moved to Brrghton and asked him and later Shige, to join when we reunited in 2008.

LS: What music ignites your creativity?

SP: I'm a pop fan at heart but I also love more 'difficult' music from Berg and Messiaen through Beefheart to Autechre.

LS: Who are you favourrte marnstream musician? Why?

SP: Mark and I have a massive admiration for a lot or R&B arttsts and producers - Beyonce, MIA, Timbaland, Neptunes etc - who are imaginative and and experimental as well as being massively popular. Ive got a big thing for 60s girls groups, 80s electro-pop, Roxy Music, Serge Gainsbourg, Scott Walker, Kraftwerk to name but a few. I'm a fan fo good memorable tunes, beauty and strangeness.

LS: What inspired the new self-titled album?

SP: Our new band dynamic, new sound manipulation tools and crowded tube trains.

LS: What was your most memorable live show? Why?

SP: We played Glasgow Barrowlands in 1994 supporting the Cocteau Twins. The atmosphere was amazing (a is usually Glasgow)! There were stars on the ceiling; we played as well as we ever did and Liz Fraser [of Cocteau Twins] was standing smiling at the side of the stage!

LS: What's next for Seefeel?

SP: We're tourlng the UK Ireland and mainland Europe doing Sonar Japan, Prrmavera Barcelona and hopefully more festivals in the summer. We're hoping to play all over the world (especially America). and get the next album done as soon as we can!

words by Leah Stephenson

Originally appeared in Burner 03 28 Feb 2011